What Is Mother Nature Trying to Teach Us Through COVID?

by C Klaudia

It’s time to realize our interconnectedness

If you’re even a little curious, you must’ve asked yourself once in the past year — “Why this virus? Why are we going through such havoc?” Perhaps, after almost 18 months, we’ve all accepted that the virus is there. And we have to live with it.

But I implore you to ask that question again — “Why the virus?” and think about it for a second. Doesn’t the answer seem quite obvious?

Many authorities suggest that mankind has caused profound environmental disturbances. And this is just Mother Nature’s way to rebalance the scales. She’s not Thanos, but she needs to establish order.

In my city, Delhi (India), before the pandemic (near the end of 2019), the pollution was so high we had to wear masks outside. While they may hardly seem a big deal now, before the pandemic, masks felt weird. Too weird. But we had to — because if you looked up then in the sky, you’d see smoke. And the situation wasn’t improving.

We frantically talk about COVID death rates. But no one asks how many years Delhi’s pollution cut from our lives.

Then the pandemic hit. Everyone locked themselves in their homes. There were no cars in the street. Industries were shut down. And within a couple of months, pollution levels were stabilized. Today, after a year, the sky is bluer than I’ve ever seen.

Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Mother Nature Speaks

Larry Dossey aptly describes what Mother Nature might be thinking right now.

“I presented you a world of elegant harmony that included your own consciousness. I provided you scientific proofs that human consciousness is unitary and nonlocally infinite in space and time.

“You turned away and paid no attention. So now I’m upping the ante: I’m sending a lethal virus to remind you of the unitary nature of your consciousness and its inseparability with the natural world.

“Perhaps these life-and-death conditions will shock you into an awakening. Under social lockdown and isolation, perhaps you will rediscover your capacity to communicate beyond the reach of your senses.

“Can you wake up to the connectedness and unity of your consciousness, the miracle that makes you quintessentially human?”

“We’re all One” is no longer a religious dogma or poetic figure of speech. Empirical evidence and science have been proving it. But we choose not to listen.

We think of ourselves as separate entities. We think of the Earth as a lifeless planet whose resources we can use to our liking, without any consequences. Ignoring the inherent interconnectedness of everything makes us do stupid, egoistic things we repent for.

Peter Daszak, the British zoologist, expert on disease ecology, and president of EcoHealth Alliance states in The Guardian,

“Before humans became an agricultural species, our populations were sparser and less connected. A virus infecting a hunter-gatherer might only reach family members or perhaps a hunting group.

“But the Anthropocene, our new geological epoch, has changed everything. Great acceleration of human activity has dramatically altered our planet’s landscapes, oceans, and atmosphere, transforming as much as half of the world’s tropical forest into agriculture and human settlements.”

In hindsight, it’s foolish to expect to get away with changing the planet’s landscapes for our selfish needs. But that’s exactly what we did, and perhaps continue to do.

As long as we behave as selfish individuals thinking we don’t have a part to play in the whole, mankind will continue facing challenges like this. What’s needed is an inner realization of being a part of the giant puzzle. An understanding that our actions not only affect us but also everyone — in some form or the other.

A Large Brain We Know Nothing Of

“In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order.”— Carl Jung

The late biologist Lyall Watson wrote that in a very real sense, we’re never completely alone. “There are strange tendrils that reach out, apparently quite independent of time and space, to touch us all, giving us a common experience of reality,” he writes.

Tendrils that reach out independent of time and space. Now that’s something to think about, isn’t it?

Watson isn’t alone in his explanation. Roger D. Nelson describes an interesting phenomenon in his book Connected: The Emergence of Global Consciousness. His work originated at the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Laboratory.

Over the years, millions of individuals have reported awareness of certain events before they happened. A famous example is the 9/11 tragedy. Another is COVID itself. Nelson states in his book — “I think the data are pretty much indisputably in support of the fact that we do interconnect, we interact, we’re not isolated. My consciousness, inside my skull, and yours, extend out into the world, and they intermix. We’re a little like neurons, in a giant brain, that we know nothing about.

This awareness, often unconscious, has been meticulously explored by researchers in presentiment experiments. These are computer-controlled tests that register certain bodily changes in a person just before a computer randomly displays an emotionally upsetting or sexually titillating image.

It appears, thus, that our minds can reach out, independent of space and time to anticipate future events that have not yet happened.

These findings, which might seem surprising are commonplace for researchers in parapsychology who’ve observed it for over a century. In all such studies, individuals are aware of events that are remote in space and time.

All this implies that the mind and consciousness are not confined to the body. Increasingly it’s being seen that we’re all connected — mentally and spiritually. That as Nelson states, we’re each a neuron in a universal brain we’ve no idea of.

And bringing it back to COVID, I think that’s what Mother Nature is potentially trying to teach us. By giving birth to a virus that spans over the planet, she is teaching us cooperation and that we’re all in this together.

Time for an Awakening?

Dr. Dossey studies numerous examples of premonitions for his book The Power of Premonitions. One such example was 1950 exploding of a church in Beatrice, Neb. The explosion happened during scheduled choir practice, and yet the church was empty. Each choir member was either absent or late for practice.

“Nobody had a clue that anything bad was going to happen. But yet everybody found some reason to not go to church,” Dossey said. “I think that the unconscious works in very strange ways.”

Let’s see one example of the 9/11 tragedy. Barrett Naylor, a Wall Street executive, far from any kind of psychic abilities, had a life-changing experience in 1993.

While stepping off a train in New York’s Grand Central Station, he had a sense that he couldn’t describe — something telling him he should turn around and go home. He followed that inner voice and was glad he did — that day in 1993 turned out to be the day of the World Trade Center bombing.

He got the same feeling on the morning of September 11, 2001. “Something told me … that it was time to go home,” he said. “I should just turn around and go back home.” So he did, thankfully. There are heartbreaking stories of those who lost loved ones in the attacks who also said they’d experienced premonitions.

Matt Hutson, an author, and writer for Psychology Today said on premonitions,

“If premonitions are real, the most convenient way to explain them would be that information is traveling back in time from an event to a person. And so if that is right, then pretty much everything else we know about physics is wrong. “That’s kind of a big hurdle to get over.”

Even though that’s a hurdle to get over, eventually science is going to change itself. After all, science exists to explain what happens around us. But the current model of science can’t explain a lot many things — consciousness being the most important one of them.

In the name of practicality, we’ve largely ignored what Mother Nature is trying to teach us. That we do have relationships with everyone and nature itself is a fact we can’t see and thus don’t believe.

But as we see more and more things like premonitions we can’t help but think — “Are we a part of the Whole?” And after all, that’s the only way to explain the things that are happening around us at the moment. Materialists don’t have good answers because the material world can’t give any.

I’d end with a telling comment that Dr. Dossey made about what Mother Nature could be thinking right now. Let’s try to read between the lines and learn what nature’s trying to teach us — for it’s the only way for us to come out stronger of this (and future) troubles:

“I’ll give these humans another chance to honor their unifying connections. I’ll send not the plagues of old, which were too deadly (I over-did it), but something new that might stimulate fresh thinking on their part. I’ll deliver a novel microbe that causes them to socially isolate and disengage from one another.

“Forced isolation and distancing just may prompt them to engage in ancient forms of communication they’ve forgotten. Perhaps they will realize that the nonlocal nature of their own minds — apart yet together — makes possible international cooperation in defeating the virus.

“And that their innate ability to transcend distance and time represents the immortality and eternality of their consciousness. Perhaps. A mother can only hope!”

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Written on June 2, 2021